David Pulkingham


Alejandro Escovedo

“For eleven years David Pulkingham and I played guitar together.  We played venues ranging in scope from Carnegie Hall to backyard parties. We played all over the world and there was never one occasion in which David was not fully prepared and in the moment. What David gave to my music was not only his vast talent as a guitarist but a strong sense of melody and the ability to improvise and create in the moment. I have played with many great guitarists and David stands out as one of the finest. Did I also mention that David is a good hang?”


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Patty Griffin

“When you hear David Pulkingham play a few things happen. One thing is that you feel the urge to run home and practice whatever it is you thought you were kind of good at until you are better at it.  It’s the effect of the master craftsman…you are amazed by the ability. And he makes it actually look easy,  because it’s moving and emotional – and you know it ain’t. ~ I have had the privilege of standing next to Dave at gigs for a few years now and one of the things I look forward to are all the ghosts lining up to get inside his heart and fingers and play. Dave looks like the Celt that he is.  Pulkingham – one of the remnants of the great Cornish tribe. What comes from that blood is clearly part of his deal. But a great number of gypsies from many tribes also inhabit – old,  grumbling, half wild gypsies who get a hold of him and don’t let go until they’re finished. Dave’s playing is a vehicle of many souls.  He’s an amazing student of music, sure. That’s clear. But the ghosts know it too and take full advantage. He scares me, amazes me, moves me to tears.  Doesn’t get better in my book.” 


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Dave Marsh

“Dave Pulkingham has long been one of my favorite guitar players. Who knew that he was just as fine a songwriter and an adept singer into the bargain? These are songs made to open your mind and reach into your heart. They’ve certainly done that for me.”


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